Omid Akhbarati Biography


Omid Akhbarati was born on May 9th, 1976 in Shemiran, north of Tehran. He was born to a devout Muslim family with his father being in commercial trade. Omid has worked hard for three decades with a view to help the country and its people prosper.  He has made a pronounced presence in national and international businesses by forming commercial, manufacturing, cultural and medical complexes. He has also been involved in international trade to meet the import/export needs of the country.

His serious work began in his young days, inspired by the trade activities of his father and grandfather in Tehran Bazar. The establishment in Bazar founded by his grandfather is still active under the name of Omid Akhbarati Commercial Office. Equipped with his elder’s trade wisdom and guidance, he began his work. 

The establishment of Kimia Pajoo Company to distribute chemicals and laboratory equipment was an attempt to meet the chemical needs of the industry. The focus was on special chemicals used in specialized laboratories of research centers and universities working within various industries including pharmaceutical, textiles, petrochemicals, plastics and cleaning agent manufacturers. Omid Akhbarati made Kimia Pajoo a good reputation in twenty years of activities and served as founder, CEO and head of board of directors, until September 11, when the activities came to a halt due to sanctions.

Action Company established half a century ago as the sole manufacturer of a variety of industrial abrasive material in the Middle East. It came under Omid Akhbarati’s management as the owner and CEO in 2007. Under his management, the manufacturing facilities where refurbished and more advanced equipment were added to the production line. The manufacturing outfit obtained its ISO 2000-9001 certificate and came under integrated management system.  

Action Company is built on 13,000 sq. meters of land in Industrial City of Alboorz in Ghazvin. It produces a wide variety of industrial abrasives, on cloth, paper, polyester, synthetic resin, stones, discs, and rolls to meet specialized requirements. Action Company has also produced abrasive stones used for buffing and polishing surfaces. 

Omid Akhbarati Action

Omid Akhbarati is the only shareholder of Pasteur No General Hospital and has assumed the position of Head of the Board of Directors. This 50-year-old general hospital is one of Tehran’s modern hospitals. The hospital has several fully equipped operating rooms, and ICU and CCU for convalescence. The hospital includes fully equipped laboratories, radiology center, physiotherapy unit, specialized clinics and day clinic. 

Omid Akhbarati Pastorno hospital